Scott Sanderson

The Best Bad Cubs Team of My Time: SP Mike Harkey

Finally, we get to the beef of this roster, and Mike Harkey isn’t even the beefiest member of the starting rotation. Harkey made this roster nearly by virtue of being one of the only 1990s Cubs starting pitchers still drawing breath. He also made it by being a godawful pitcher with flashes of brilliance in a Cub uniform. Though the big lug was oft-injured and definitely infuriating, he was lovable and his eyebrows were the EXACT SAME CUT, COLOR, AND SIZE of his mustache. Seriously, look.

Mike Harkey (small)

The Top 79 Cub Killers of My Time #45: Any Starting Pitcher Making His MLB Debut Against the Cubs 3

Though I’m not 150 years old, I can only assume that if I were, I would have been in attendance at good old National League Park in Cleveland on Wednesday, August 6, 1890. On that historic day, a young feller by the name of Denton True Young made his Major […]

Did You Guys Get TWO Past the Goalie in This Week’s Muskbag? 19

This may have already been discussed in the Shoutbox while I was recovering from the rooftop game, but I’m pretty sure not one, but two Sons of Jim Essian got questions into this week’s Muskbag. Meaning it’s the greatest Muskbag ever. Shall we?