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What Theo REALLY Needs to Know

At long last, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are officially official, and you can stop worrying that the Cubs would discover some way to screw up their hiring. The MLB can also stop worrying that the “contentious negotiations” between the Cubs and the Red Sox was distracting everyone from watching the World Series. This is […]

I Finally Figured Out Judd Sirott’s Biggest Offense

After you’ve enjoyed listening to Pat Hughes for four solid innings of baseball, Judd Sirott’s Screaming Fifth Inning, brought to you by Fifth Third Bank, is as jarring as walking in on your parents boning. Not MY parents. YOUR parents. But I think I finally figured out what I find so annoying about Judd. I’m […]

WORLDS COLLIDE as the Inbox Mentions the Muskbox

You know that old adage, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you suck”? I have to give credit to Carrie for not sucking today. (HT: James) Good one, Carrie. We’re one step closing to you fisking one of the Muskboxes, and then I’ll have to fisk that, and we’ll just keep passing the same […]

2009 Cubs Firsts

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for the “first of the year” list that is always released right after Opening Day. You know, the one that says who had the first RBI, who had the first home run, and who was the most-recent high-priced pitcher to whither under the pressure of pitching for the […]

Your 2009 Cubs Drinking Game

Opening Day is finally here. Since you’re all jobless losers, I assume you’re going to be out drinking and watching the game tonight. And what’s more fun than watching baseball and drinking? Why, watching baseball and BINGE drinking, of course! With that, here is your 2009 version of the Cubs Drinking Game. Play ball!