#120: Dan “Lazy Eyebrow” Plesac

Maybe I’m just jealous of Dan Plesac. I’m left handed. I have about as much muscle mass. He had an 18-year Major League career which he parlayed into a gig at Comcast as an analyst. I’m blogging about him. Yeah. Maybe jealousy is the case. Or maybe it’s his right […]

#122: Julio “Doo-Doo” Zuleta 1

Did you guys catch the “Zoo-Doo” fever in the summer of 2000? I sure did. Cubs prospect Julio Zuleta looked like a guy who could hit, posting an impressive line in a small sample of at-bats in 2000. Plus, Zuleta was the closest thing to a real-life President Palmer Pedro […]

#123: Todd “The Worst 79 Games of My Career” Zeile 3

Todd Zeile wore a lot of uniforms in his career (11, to be exact), and he was a halfway decent utilityman for the better part of 16 seasons in the Major Leagues. But not as a Cub. In his 79 games as a Cub, Zeile put up the worst numbers […]

#124: Chad “Stupider Like A” Fox 1

Recipe for ending a career: 2 pts. Tommy John surgery 1 pt. Cub uniform Age 34 years Stress 8 innings Add a pinch of Dusty Baker And that brings us to #124 on our Bottom 126, Chad Fox. What. The hell. Were you thinking? I have no idea what a […]

Cubs to Lose Arbitration Hearing with Zambrano

CHICAGO–Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano asked for $15.5M in 2007. The Cubs offered $11.025M. Don’t sweat, Carlos. You’ll get your money. Pay the man what he’s worth, Jim. If Theodore Roosevelt Lilly is worth $10M/year, Biz Z is a steal at $15.5M/year.

Ohman Resigns; That’s “Signs Again,” Not “Quits”

CHICAGO–The Cubs agreed to a two-year deal with left-handed reliever Will Ohman. The Cubs expect Ohman to benefit from put on fifty pounds because of another year around Scott Eyre. Details of the contract are not yet known. UPDATE: SI says the contract is 2 years, $2.5M.