Yes, it’s a Cubs blog, but well done, Bears. Well done, indeed.

#120: Dan “Lazy Eyebrow” Plesac

Maybe I’m just jealous of Dan Plesac. I’m left handed. I have about as much muscle mass. He had an 18-year Major League career which he parlayed into a gig at Comcast as an analyst. I’m blogging about him. Yeah. Maybe jealousy is the case. Or maybe it’s his right […]

#122: Julio “Doo-Doo” Zuleta 1

Did you guys catch the “Zoo-Doo” fever in the summer of 2000? I sure did. Cubs prospect Julio Zuleta looked like a guy who could hit, posting an impressive line in a small sample of at-bats in 2000. Plus, Zuleta was the closest thing to a real-life President Palmer Pedro […]

#123: Todd “The Worst 79 Games of My Career” Zeile 3

Todd Zeile wore a lot of uniforms in his career (11, to be exact), and he was a halfway decent utilityman for the better part of 16 seasons in the Major Leagues. But not as a Cub. In his 79 games as a Cub, Zeile put up the worst numbers […]

#124: Chad “Stupider Like A” Fox 1

Recipe for ending a career: 2 pts. Tommy John surgery 1 pt. Cub uniform Age 34 years Stress 8 innings Add a pinch of Dusty Baker And that brings us to #124 on our Bottom 126, Chad Fox. What. The hell. Were you thinking? I have no idea what a […]

Cubs to Lose Arbitration Hearing with Zambrano

CHICAGO–Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano asked for $15.5M in 2007. The Cubs offered $11.025M. Don’t sweat, Carlos. You’ll get your money. Pay the man what he’s worth, Jim. If Theodore Roosevelt Lilly is worth $10M/year, Biz Z is a steal at $15.5M/year.