#116: Chico “Bad Penny” Walker 1

I remember growing up having a Weebles playset that was basically a track for the Weebles. You’d set four Weebles at one end, and then start the track, which would shake back and forth, causing the Weebles to spasmodically move down the track. It was a dumb toy, but I […]

Hendry Finally Signs Floyd, Gets Oil Change

CHICAGO–The Chicago Cubs finally got around to signing veteran free agent Cliff Floyd to a one-year contract with a mutual option for 2008. Immediately after signing Floyd, Cubs general manager Jim Hendry decided it was just about time to get that oil change that he’s been meaning to get since […]

#117: Rick “Two Rights Make A” Wrona

Is it fair to pick on a guy who had only 345 career at-bats and who likely now appears in those books they give people to help them choose their haircut? I say yes. Considering the torment we suffered as Cubs fans watching Rick Wrona flail about both behind and […]

#118: Leonardo “The Crappiest Ninja Turtle” Gomez 2

When you’re lying in bed in the inky darkness of night and you start getting visits from all of those unanswered questions, rising from their graves to haunt you, isn’t one of them, “How the f@#$ did the Cubs end up with Leo Gomez at third base?” A face you […]