#113: Gary “No-Show” Varsho 5

What was the point of Gary Varsho? Other than the fact that he’s one of those guys whose name can only be said as a first and last name combination, little good can be said about Gary Varsho. Thanks to the lunatic collecting vintage pictures of crappy Cubs for providing […]

#114: Jason “Not a Green” Bere 11

Maybe I couldn’t stand Jason Bere because he had no shoulders. Maybe it was because he had never shaved the goatee he was required to have during his stint with the White Sox. Or I guess it could have been his 1-10 record in 2002 with the Cubs. You may […]

Baker Inks 2-Year ESPN Deal; Will Serve as Analysist, Therapist 8

BRISTOL, Conn.–Former Cubs manager Dusty Baker finalized a two-year contract with ESPN last week to serve as an analyst and therapist for traumatized athletes who have been booed in their home stadiums. Baker will be ESPN’s first analysist/therapist. Baker’s new business card. Baker’s contract includes an out clause which allows […]

#115: Troy “Maybe It’s Because I’m Irish” O’Leary 5

Was Troy O’Leary seriously a Cub for only one year? Because I could have sworn that I threw at least three seasons’ worth of profanities at my television when O’Leary would come to the plate. When the Cubs signed a former Red Sox outfielder named Troy O’Leary in the winter […]

Fire Lou Piniella! Closed for Weekend

Loyal readers, I’m out of town skiing until Sunday, so Fire Lou Piniella! is taking an (un)deserved break. I will try to post Sunday, but I will at the latest be back on Monday as The Bottom 126 countdown continues. Have a great weekend.

#116: Chico “Bad Penny” Walker 1

I remember growing up having a Weebles playset that was basically a track for the Weebles. You’d set four Weebles at one end, and then start the track, which would shake back and forth, causing the Weebles to spasmodically move down the track. It was a dumb toy, but I […]