#70: Damon “Found His Thrill on Blue” Berryhill 3

I imagine that it sort of sucks for Damon Berryhill that he had such a prominent unibrow that a child felt the need to draw it on his depiction of the Cubs catcher. I bet it sucks even more that Mr. Big Shot Creepy-Tooth Mark Grace decided to write all […]

Mark Grace, Rafael Palmeiro, and Damon Berryhill...if they were flesh-eating zombies.

Jim Essian (Jr.) on Board with “Hire Jim Essian!” 10

Well, the staff at “Hire Jim Essian!” couldn’t be more flattered than we are right now. It seems that a reader is in contact with Mr. Jim Essian himself or, at least, Mr. Jim Essian, Jr. Junior has written an article which is incredibly flattering to you, the Cubs Fan. […]

Cardinals Set to Unveil Worst Starting Outfield in MLB History 9

ST. LOUIS–With starting outfielders Jim Edmonds and Juan Encarnacion likely to start the 2007 season on the disabled list, the St. Louis Cardinals are preparing to unveil the worst starting outfield in the history of Major League Baseball. The Cardinals are likely to start Coach’s Son in left field, either […]

Get your hand off our 3rd starter's junk.

#71: Jon “The Iceman Goeth” Leicester 2

Okay, Jon Leicester, listen up. First of all, that’s not how you spell John. Second, there is absolutely no way that your last name is pronounced “Lester.” Third, damn you for having the same name as the good Jon Lester, because every time I hear his name, I have to […]

Prior Meets with New Team 11

The next time Cubs pitcher Mark Prior makes a start, it will be as a member of the Aqua Sox. Prior, who has been roughed up in his spring starts, has been sent down to make a minor league start on Friday. Prior met with his team on Tuesday, and […]

Mark Prior poses for a photo with his new team.

If you ignore her, she'll go away.

BREAKING NEWS: Oh, for Fuck’s Sake! 28

First of all, let me give a big “Thank you” to With Leather (and Domer MQ) for pointing this out. And now, for the “Fuck you”s. Fuck you, Sarah Spain, for using your chest to offset your broken nose and get free stuff. Fuck you, MTV, for inventing the show […]

Sweet Uncle Lou’s Spring Training Diary: March 13, 2007 1

What’s up, you Essian wanna-bes? Another day, another win for us, but I was afraid for a minute that this one would cost us. Big Z is all kinds of crazy, and he treated yesterday’s game like a f@#$ing track meet. Did you notice that the triple Z hit was […]

Get up, Z!  You still have a triple to leg out!

#72: Mitch “I’d Rather Have Had the Kid From” Webster 7

Poor Mitch Webster. He wasn’t terrible as a Cub. In fact, he had at least a mediocre career. Certainly not by numbers alone would he appear on the Bottom 126. Unfortunately for Mitch, he was on one of the few successful Cubs teams in recent history. The 1989 Cubs had […]

A Banner Day 47

Folks, it’s time to pick an official banner for “HJE!” I have four potential designs put together (incredibly well) by a friend of mine. I have a personal favorite, but I’d like to get some input from you guys and gals. I would add a picture of Mr. Essian in […]

Banner 4