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This date in 1991: An HOF-worthy night

Good afternoon, Cubs fans! We take a brief break from HJE’s active campaign for me to be the Chicago Cubs’ next manager to look back on one of the highlights of the Jim Essian era. It’s the 19th anniversary of my win over Lou Piniella and his Cincinnati Reds that I chronicled well enough for you three years ago.

Today’s even more appropriate because this weekend, Andre Dawson will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Andre truly was a class act. Enjoy watching Dan Roan’s recap of the day’s action (hopefully, you get past Roan’s blinding shirt). And congrats, Hawk!

Rooftop Monstrosity Is Actually Pretty Awesome

Say what you will about the Wrigley Field rooftops. Actually, don’t. I don’t want to hear it. They’re overpriced, they’re run by jerks, they offer a terrible view of the action, and I will, of course, be sitting in one come next Monday. It will not, however, be the newest one. The Ivy League Baseball Club looks amazing.
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Well, Now You’re Just Making Things Up

I’m sure new Cub suit Jahaan Blake is a nice young lady and a fine human being. I’m sure she’s good at her job, and that she works hard every day. But when her job title is a very made-up sounding, “director of fan experiences,” that has to make one ponder what, exactly, does Jahaan’s job description entail?
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Wherein I Almost Get Into a Fistfight with an Old Man

To be fair, this IS probably the best way to watch the Cubs this year.I’ve been hesitant to post this, but I think I’d like some opinions on a weird incident in which I was involved last week. Since this is the internet, you guys should be used to having your opinions not matter to anyone, but here it goes, anyhow.
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