Lou’s Friday Roundup

Sweet Uncle Lou’s Friday Roundup: The “That’s Right. LOU!” Edition 4

Well, well, well, well, well. I never really got a proper good-bye before my abrupt August departure. That didn’t bother me, but I’m sure you twerps were crying about it. I see a lot has happened since I’ve been gone. Quade got hired. Sandberg got pretend-fired. And Essian still can’t […]

I love you, darling.

Sweet Uncle Lou’s Friday Roundup: The “Undefeated in the Second Half!” Edition 16

Hey, Marlon Byrd survived the All-Star Game, and Joey Votto is somehow pissed about that. I’ll tell you who DIDN’T survive the All-Star Game. George Steinbrenner. Seriously, he didn’t. Tips, as always, are wrapped in swaddling clothing and raised as my own. Roundup time.

Sweet Uncle Lou’s Friday Roundup: The “Can We Score More than the U.S. World Cup Team?” Edition 5

Now that some of the Blackhawks hysteria has worn off, it’s time to focus on America’s pastime. THE WORLD CUP! Unless you’d rather be watching Ryan Theriot lead off, you should probably get on the soccer bandwagon. USA! USA! USA! Your blue-blooded American tips can be sent here. Some of […]