Skip Johnson (Jim Essian)

Mikey Quads Out as Cubs Manager 6

Considering that everyone has been talking about Mike Quade’s replacement since the hiring of Theo Epstein, it was really no surprise that today the Cubs announced that the bald incompetent won’t be back next season. (HT: Pre) Quade did more than enough goofy, nigh-indefensible things this season to merit his […]

Uncle Mike’s Friday BROWSing: The “Hire Jim Essian!” Edition 3

Yo, Washington! I hear you need a new manager. (HT: Martin) So, your old one was such a dope that he got your team back to .500 baseball with a nice little run, then had no idea what to do with himself, panicked, and made the worst bluff in managerial […]

Open Your Mind to Quade 4

Hey, gang! Skip here again. I understand that the Cubs officially took my name out of the running for their managerial opening and named Mike Quade the manager for 2011 and beyond. I, for one, would like to extend the most heartfelt congratulations to Mike. It must be nice to […]


So, Mike Quade is off to a pretty good start as interim manager. He’s won three games in a row and swept the mighty Nationals. Wow! I’m sooooooo impressed. What were the Nationals? 53-71 going into Monday night’s game? And they had to face whom? Livan Hernandez? Hell, that guy […]