Podcast Ep. 20: Is There a Draft in Here?

If you’re still waiting on me to post about the podcast here instead of on Twitter or on whatever podcast listening program you use, you got issues, kid. This is a doozy. We talk about every draft pick, every movie ever made, and every video game in existence. If you stick with us until the end, you’re a better person than I am.

Somehow, We’re Still Hanging Out Together

I’m nearly a week late in posting the newest Hangout. And I read off my anti-fantasy baseball roster. Because that is good watching. Deal with it. We actually talk mainly about baseball this week, though most of it is fantasy baseball. There’s also some weirdness with a Pete Rose commercial. […]

Friday Roundup: The “2013 Fantasy Baseball Preview” Edition

Several days and 36 innings later, I’m back from Spring Training. What did I learn about the Cubs? They’re bad. In all the games I attended, they held a lead for about one inning. Neat. Even when their starting pitchers were recording outs, they were hard-hit. But, hey, I saw at least one Cub home run every game. And two by Paul Konerko! Soon, folks, we’ll have some real baseball to obsess over.

Hangout with a Podcast Team

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, we decided to put our podcast team into a Google+ Hangout and record it. Now, we’re posting it. We have faces for radio. The growing pains are painful. We talk about Al Yellon, Spring Training, and Luis Valbuena. With those topics HOW BAD CAN A PODCAST POSSIBLY GET? Stick around and find out! At least we kept it under an hour. But we’ll get the hang of this podcasting thing at some point. Maybe someday we’ll even have structure, segments, and things to say!

A Good Day to Podcast Hard

Not with an erection. OR WAS IT? The new podcast is up. It’s as out there as all the other episodes. We’re still talking about P90X because, fuck you, YOU didn’t do it. Unless you’re Pre, our only listener. We celebrate the trading of Tony Campana. We spend an unusually long time talking about the new Die Hard movie. I forget to mention the most annoying thing about Darksiders 2. The stupid game doesn’t let you navigate the menus with the directional pad. Trust me. It’s obnoxious. The controls. Not the podcast. That’s always obnoxious.

Podcast: Wherein I Sleep with the Fishes

The podcast returns with our longest episode yet. Yes, that is absolutely a threat. So many non-baseball things happen. Dolan crumbles like a House of Cards. Warren is still playing a game from a long-forgotten time, and I review a video game ABOUT PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. If that’s not meta enough for you, you’re a monster. If you don’t want to have to wait for me to get around to posting that there’s a new podcast, feel free to subscribe on iTunes. I suspect you’ll double our current number of subscribers.

PODCAST: Like a St. Nicholas Gift, The Podcast Arrives in Your Shoes 2

Warren, Dolan, and I get together to fill your ear holes with 95% not baseball, 4% baseball, and 1% awkward transitional silence. Do you have questions about Jim Deshaies and Kyuji Fujikawa? Are you wondering how it’s possible that Robin Yount shot Dale Sveum in the face? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place for answers! If you are wondering who that vendor was who sold you peanuts at the 1945 World Series, though, then you’ve come to the EXACT RIGHT place.