The Muskbox Somehow Makes Tax Day Worse 6

It’s Tax Day, and I’m having a shitty one. What better time to turn my glower to this week’s Muskbox? None. None better time. Get your Tyler Colvin boners out, because they’re about to get a rubdown.

The Muskbox Is a Moving Target 6

Carrie is getting wilier as the eternal struggle between HJE and the Inbox rages on. Her latest ploy was to move the Muskbox to Thursday night. The only explanation that can possibly be is that she knows that Sweet Uncle Lou owns Friday’s at HJE. But fear not. For every […]

A Double Shot of Muskbox 15

I didn’t get around to the Muskbox last week because of the emotional and mental toll from ripping Milton Bradley. I could- nay, should allow myself a break from the Muskbox madness. But that wouldn’t be fair to you. Instead, you get a double shot of Muskbox with a chaser […]

The Muskbox Has No Idea When to Fuld ‘Em 9

Has any player ever gotten more mileage out of a single catch than Sam Fuld has? I’ve heard Cubs fans speak less respectfully of Wilie Mays’ catch. Sam Fuld strives to be David Eckstein, only in a less-useful position. However, since Jim Hendry decided to spend $34M on an outfield […]

The Muskbox Makes Bedfellows of Pitchers and Hitting Coaches 12

I apologize for the tardiness of the Muskbox. I was under the weather yesterday and reading this week’s Muskbox could have only made matters worse. Why? Well, because it spends a significant amount of time fretting about the hurt feelings of Ryan Theriot. And that’s- That’s- Excuse me. /runs to […]

Sixty-Seven Percent of This Week’s Muskbox is About Blogging; I SHIT YOU NOT 13

This week’s Muskbox has done something so amazingly meta, that it’s hard to believe it’s not on purpose. It’s a Muskbox about a blog. Now, are you ready for this? Here’s where it gets even funkier. You’re about to read another blog mock the Muskbox about being about a blog. […]

Taquito from Pilsen Watches the Muskbox on The U 19

Our latest installment of the Muskbox commits a fallacy of the undistributed middle, frets over the career of Micah Hoffpauir, and throws a wild kegger in Vinton, Iowa! Join me, won’t you, on our weekly excursion into the minds of the mentally-impaired?

They’re Coming to Take the Muskbox Away. Ho Ho. Hee Hee. Ha Ha. 15

It has finally happened. After reading the dumbest of the dumb questions submitted by Cubs fans to the Muskbox, her brain has finally snapped in twain. And now, they’re coming to take her away to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and she’ll be happy to […]

The Muskbox Flirts with Relevance; Gets Rejected 10

This week’s Muskbox accomplishes a nearly impossible feat. It’s unprecedented. An entire Muskbox passes without a single relevant question about an actual starting player on the Major League baseball club. How is that possible? Only the Muskbox knows for sure.

Whaddya mean, "Who's batting second next year?"

The Muskbox Blows Us Off at Kitty O’Shea’s 9

I was a little worried about Carrie after last week’s Muskbox. After all her talk about Milton Bradley, I assumed he had come to life and captured her, especially when we didn’t see her at Kitty O’Shea’s Friday night. But, sure enough, the Muskbox is too dumb to even realize […]