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Razzball/Neifiball Draft Tonight 1

This is a reminder for those lucky nine of you who signed up for Razzball/Neifiball/Antisy Baseball. The draft is at 8:00 p.m. CST tonight. If you can’t make the draft, be sure to pre-rank your players. It’s WAY more important to pre-rank in Neifiball than it is in any other fantasy draft. You don’t want to be the dope who doesn’t pre-draft and ends up with a team of scrubs like Verlander, Trout, and Stanton, DO YOU???

Fantasy Razzball (nee Neifiball) Signups

A long time ago, I thought I had the clever idea to try to assemble the worst fantasy baseball team possible. It was significantly more difficult than assembling a good team, because you had to balance terrible performance with many at-bats or innings pitched. It was called “Neifiball” because Dusty Baker is a fucking idiot. As I later learned, Razzball had already established better rules for Neifiball, and they have graciously invited HJE readers to join in the last couple of years. They’re doing it again this year. So, go sign up here.

Neifiball Returns 1

I must not do a bad enough job writing the Cubs fantasy baseball preview for Grey over at Razzball, because he once again invited you fine readers of HJE into the Razzball Leagues. The guys over there perfected the goal that Neifiball is trying to accomplish: the assemblage of the worst team of baseball everyday players possible.

Oh, Yeah. Neifiball. 9

Thanks to morpheus for reminding me that the MLB season starts in a week and that we should probably, you know, get Neifiball going some time soon. I’m stealing the setup instructions that Rudy from Razzball does so well. League Rules * 10 Team Leagues, MLB universe, uses Yahoo! position […]

You want to manage this club? God help us all!

Skip’s Friday Roundup: Management Consultation Edition 9

Hi to the greatest group of overemployed literates this side of the San Francisco Bay! It’s me, Skip. Lou sent me a quick e-mail this morning, and I thought I’d help him out: From: Lou Piniella [] Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 11:29 AM To: Jim Essian [] Subject: Roundup […]