New Year’s Resolutions: 2010 Edition 7

Since “everyone” on the “staff” at HJE has managed to achieve social perfection, “we” decided to (not really) ask for the New Year’s resolutions of your favorite Cubs (including new Cub Marlon Byrd). And your least favorite Cubs. And some other people.

I resolve to drink less.  BWAHAHAHA!  I look great in robes.

Between me and Rowand, no woman in Chicago went unplowed.

Sweet Uncle Lou’s “Friday” Roundup: The “Chicago Folk Heroes United” Edition 3

Well, well, well. The two greatest baseball players in Chicago history are finally united in San Francisco. The Giants’ signing of Mark DeRosa unites the stubbly heartthrob with Aaron Rowand, who made ladies swoon over the “run face-first into a wall” move before Reed Johnson thought of it. Thus, the […]

Friday Night Fukudome: Hendry vs. Silva 9

Still fuming over the Milton Bradley-for-Carlos Silva trade? Me TOO! I’m going to throw back a few beers and try to forget that today ever happened. But first, let’s toss my two least-favorite people in the world into the HATEUDOME- er, Fukudome! VS. Jim Hendry Carlos Silva [poll id=”80″]