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Anti-Social Media Night 1

Tonight, the Cubs are holding their inaugural Social Media Night beginning at 5:45 tonight at the Captain Morgan Club at Wrigley Field. Because it’s called a SOCIAL Media Night, our good friends PAUL SULLIVAN and BRUCE MILES were not invited to participate. So, they decided to host Anti-Social Media Night just outside of the Captain Morgan Club. There are few Cubs bloggers as anti-social as I am, so I will be joining them to tweet bitter things about the Cubs’ “cool” clique of Carrie Muskat and…Kevin Saghy.

The Muskbox Is an Equal-Hand Opportunity Employer 3

Growing up as a pure left-handed baseball player, my options on the field were limited. I was primarily a first baseman, though I did have my fair share of opportunities in the outfield and one ill-advised stint behind home plate (Why do they even SELL left-handed catcher’s mitts?). I’ve come to accept the fact that there are really only five positions on a baseball diamond for left-handers. The latest Muskbox has not yet accepted the same fact. Even more amazingly, someone finally asks a good question, and it’s followed up with NO ANSWER. Muskbox, away!

The Muskbox is Not Quite Dead Yet 4

Despite appearances, I’m not letting HJE die a slow death. In fact, I’m working on another facelift for the old girl, which will probably take longer than the T79. Also, there may be a return of a beloved feature on the horizon. No, not the Shoutbox. I haven’t gotten around to that yet. In this latest episode of Muskbox, the fans lament Bryan LaHair’s lack of at-bats (DAFUQ?) and wonder what might have been for the Peoria Chiefs if Albert Pujols were still playing there. Yup.

The Chicago Cubs are OFF the air 11

If you have DirecTV, you might have already noticed: a pissing match between the CEOs of DirecTV and Tribune Broadcasting has escalated so that all Tribune Broadcasting stations, including WGN-TV and WGN America, have been pulled from DirecTV. For suckers like me, all it meant was a trip to Best Buy to purchase an HD antenna. For many others, it will just mean not being able to watch the Cubs when they open at home Thursday against Washington.

World Series Team Can’t ID Minor League Guy

Eagle-eyed reader betterorworse originally pointed me to the captioned picture. And then ‘Duk gave us some more information about it. “Minor League Guy” is one of the Cardinals’ best prospects. Can you imagine the nerve if Comcast Sports Net had DARED called Felix Pie, “Fast Guy Who Grabs His Crotch a Lot”?

The Muskbox is on a Diet 3

The Muskbox has this thing about changing days, changing locations, and changing formats. The only thing that remains consistent with the Muskbox is the awful content. I don’t know if Carrie is trying to shake me off her scent or if her webhost is rejecting her insane content. Whatever the issue may be, this week’s Muskbox is tucked away in Carrie’s Muskblog. BUT I FOUND IT.

Phil Rogers Would Take Five Sam Fulds Over One Matt Garza, THANKYOUVERYMUCH 2

The headline writers at the Chicago Tribune generally do a pretty good job coming up with descriptions of Phil Rogers’ nonsense that actually make the nonsense seem readable. But there are times when no amount of creative juice can hide the fact that Phil Rogers is a terrible writer during the full swing of the baseball season, so during the offseason he has to write dreck like, “A year later, what was point of Garza trade?”

The Muskbox is High on Tony Campana’s Speed

If there’s one thing Carrie Muskat is obsessed with, it’s bobby pins. If there are two things she is obsessed with, those things are bobby pins and tiny, bad baseball players. That’s probably why her last two articles have had more Tony Campana in them than his baseball hat does. Yes, this week’s Muskbox is seriously discussing a guy who really shouldn’t be on the roster by the end of February. Love the Muskbox or hate it. At least it’s consistent.

The Muskbox Wants to See Dat Geovany Soto Ass 1

If you’re interested in all things Geovany Soto, Brett Jackson, and Adrian Cardenas, well, this week’s Muskbox is right up your alley! Also, if you’re still hankering for chat about Koyie Hill, you’re absolutely mental. But Carrie has answers to all the questions that you were frightened to ask. Except for questions about sex. Those questions are sick and wrong, and you’re getting a little old for them, quite frankly.