Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike’s Friday BROWSing: The “Grampa Pujols’ Magical Elixirs and Sundries” Edition 7

Does anyone honestly believe that Albert Pujols isn’t using SOMETHING? The behemoth came back from a BROKEN ARM to play Major League Baseball a MONTH ahead of schedule. I once took two months off baseball on account of baldness. But by all means, Bud. When your head isn’t up your […]

Uncle Mike’s Friday BROWSing: The “Hire Jim Essian!” Edition 3

Yo, Washington! I hear you need a new manager. (HT: Martin) So, your old one was such a dope that he got your team back to .500 baseball with a nice little run, then had no idea what to do with himself, panicked, and made the worst bluff in managerial […]

Uncle Mike’s Friday BROWSing: The “Hungover, Too” Edition 4

First of all, if you want a link to the brilliant comic or loads more hilarious ones, TOO BAD. Nah, just kidding. It’s here. SMBC does loads of good work, and there’s new content every day. I don’t know how he does it, but he does. And you get to […]