Slo-mo beatboxing GIF via

Slo-mo beatboxing GIF via

Brace yourselves for a shitload of videos this week. Sorry in advance to you office chumps. Most of these are worth getting fired over. Some pretty awesome things have happened on the internet in the past week. Here are all of them. Oh, and the Cubs did some things. Or didn’t do some things. Oh, and ticket packages are on sale this afternoon. And tickets to see Billy Joel at Wrigley Field go on sale tomorrow. SO MANY THINGS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL ARE HAPPENING AT WRIGLEY FIELD!!!

Your tips are as appreciated as the raging exciteboner Cubs fans have right now.

  • Greg Maddux just keeps getting awesomer. And I’m totally going to photoshop a Cubs logo on that hat, anyhow.
  • Oh no! The Cubs are going to lose the Peoria vote!
  • Oh, rooftop owners. Die in a fire. (HT: Tina)
  • Movie quotes as charts.
  • Breaking Golden. That headline makes no sense, but somewhere some asshole is wearing a “Keep Calm and Use the Force” t-shirt, so fuck you.
  • I’m glad Bill Murray is immortal, because I’d cry my eyes out if he ever died.
  • Wait, people don’t realize The Big Bang Theory is actually terrible? THEY DON’T WRITE JOKES, PEOPLE.
  • Because you’re being a pussy, bro.
  • How is it possible that the Terminator and Dutch keeps getting MORE awesome?
  • I’m a sucker for 8-bit video game remakes of movies I love.

    Here’s The Big Lebowski.
  • You gotta admire this guy’s dedication to an arguably-terrible idea.
  • YOUR AWESOME MOVIE CLIP OF THE WEEK: The first fight scene from Fight Club minus Tyler Durden is awesome and disturbing.

    Fight Club minus Tyler Durden from Richard Trammell on Vimeo.