I guess they pulled an Xboner.

Well, the internet got what it wanted. At least what the most-vocal members wanted. Microsoft reversed the majority of the restrictions that were going to be imposed on the Xbox One at the cost of some actual, pretty cool features. However, there are new rumors floating around that the awesome-sounding “family share” feature was utter bullshit. Allegedly, you could loan a game to one of ten “family members”, but they would only have access to the game for an hour. That’s not game lending. That’s a glorified demo. To my knowledge, the rumors aren’t confirmed. However, if the family share feature worked the way we assumed it worked, wouldn’t MS have been screaming it from the rafters at E3? If that’s the case, it sounds like the lifting of restrictions was a huge win for everyone. Though I am a bit disappointed that the forward-thinking features MS was espousing won’t be seen for years.

Your tips are as appreciated as, hopefully, Dead Rising 3 will be.