Like Cub pitching, AMIRIGHT???

You guys are all going to get burned.

Several days and 36 innings later, I’m back from Spring Training. What did I learn about the Cubs? They’re bad. In all the games I attended, they held a lead for about one inning. Neat. Even when their starting pitchers were recording outs, they were hard-hit. But, hey, I saw at least one Cub home run every game. And two by Paul Konerko! Soon, folks, we’ll have some real baseball to obsess over.

And, oh, hey, the fine folks at Razzball asked me to do the 2013 Cubs fantasy baseball preview. They called me an “expert”. Ha! Seriously, if you’re not reading Razzball for your fantasy needs, you must not have fantasy needs.

Your tips are as appreciated as me missing the entire snowstorm of the last week. Nice timing, me.