I don't want to have to take a second mortgage on my house.

I hope we only stay here for a drink.

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath on the eve of the fifth(?) annual Socially Awkward Cubs Meetup to find out what’s happening for tomorrow’s festivities. Wait no more, master baters.

Tomorrow evening, men, women, and children from across this great land, all wearing sweatpants, Zubaz, or BOTH, will descend upon the Chicago Sheraton to await their chance to breathe heavily into a microphone and shout at Theo Epstein for not re-signing Mark DeRosa. Rather than partake in the festivities, myself and a cadre of Cubs bloggers will make fun of everything from the relative safety of a bar.

We will be starting at the hotel bar, which is horribly named, “Chi Bar“. (WARNING: Auto-playing, terrible music) God dammit.

When we can stand no more (presumably after one drink), we will head on over to Lizzie McNeill’s, which is right next door.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know Dolan plans on coming in to Chicago in the early afternoon. I plan on doing the same, since we’ll need a few drinks before you start yelling at us about the podcast. It’s safe to assume we’ll be at Chi Bar around 7:30. You can always tweet things at me or Dolan to find out where we are. My phone will likely be dead by 9:00, and I will likely be dead by 10:00, so tweet early.