Friday Roundup: The “Wile E.” Edition 3

Photo Credit: Will Byington

So, hey, Sammy Sosa is on the Hall of Fame ballot. (HT: level5) So are Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and a used syringe. It’s a FAME OF SHADOWS vote! I bet I’m the first person to have come up with that! If you have a Hall of Fame vote, what the hell are you doing here? Looking for pictures of coyotes outside of Wrigley Field? You’re a sick weirdo, Phil Rogers. Anyhow, enjoy the links.

Your tips are as appreciated as Jose Canseco being THE TRUTH.

  • EnricoPallazzo

    why does mallrats get shat on so much? i love that movie.

    • BadKermit

      I actually don’t hate Mallrats.  And Dogma isn’t terrible.  And I haven’t seen Clerks 2, but I understand it’s not the worst thing in the world.  But Smith thinks he’s a lot more clever and representative of the geek community than he actually is.

    • BadKermit