Comic via the excellent DogHouse Diaries.

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you enjoyed your day of consequence-free sluttiness. Please resume your regular 364-day schedule of consequence-full sluttiness.

  • Love or hate Bryce Harper, at least he can laugh at himself.
  • Voyager math! (HT: level5)
  • Let it never be said that I don’t give the devil his due. Well done, Georgie boy.
  • Speaking of George, an oldie but goodie from McSweeney’s examines the implausibility of the Death Star trash compactor. Dammit, I swore I was going to stop posting Star Wars links in the Roundup, and I’d been so GOOD about it.
  • What starts as pretty funny gets a little mean, but William Shatner shows a director what’s what. (Warning: SFW, but AUTOPLAYING AUDIO)
  • With cancer cured, science answers the question why coffee rings are darker around the outside.
  • Maybe the Halloween hangover has already worn out. Maybe you’re going to more parties this weekend. Regardless, check out these great TV-show-based costumes.
  • I vividly remember being absolutely horrified by Scary Stories.
  • This analysis of whether it’s legal to kill a zombie definitely isn’t a colossal waste of time.
  • Happy belated birthday, first jaywalker! Also, who knew Slough was famous for TWO things?
  • TWEET OF THE WEEK: #DisneyStarWars
  • NIGHTMARE FUEL OF THE WEEK: It’s Halloween week, so plenty to go around, but I liked this squirrel the best.
  • SITE OF THE WEEK: This Imgur site has animated gifs of infomercial fails. The PocketChair lady’s misdirected rage is worth the cost of admission, as is the blond getting blasted in the face with, presumably, poo water. Also, I would love to know what product is being advertised with the guy who Jeters himself over a kitchen counter.
  • YOUR AWESOME CLIP OF THE WEEK: Someone please watch this and tell me if it’s worth taking 11 minutes out of my high-octane lifestyle to watch.