Ain’t no party like a sad Cardinals party.

Hooray for the Cardinals being eliminated from the postseason in humiliating fashion. The World Series should actually be fun now, assuming it lasts more than four games. And, in the same week, Ozzie Guillen got fired. Awesome. Were the Bobby Valentine and Ozzie Guillen hirings the most obviously dumb pair of decisions in recent memory? It would appear yes.

  • And, speaking of the Cardinals, BEST FANS IN BASEBALL!!!
  • A fan on the street’s take on the Guillen firing.
  • As if you needed another one, here’s a reason to hate Ryan Theriot. (HT: Pre)
  • The 55 scariest moments in sci-fi and fantasy.
  • Douglas Adams tells my favorite Douglas Adams story on Letterman.
  • If you’re looking for comedy-horror movies this season, here’s a good place to start.
  • Happy birthday, original Nintendo.
  • Fish out of water story. Or whatever.
  • The science of dogs.
  • EMAIL OF THE WEEK: I don’t really know what to make of this e-mail, but I suspect Lenny likes to pet bunnies. And that I bite Cubs.

    Wow. I think you need a hug. I happened upon your blog doing a random Google search. After reading some of your posts, you obviously are a biter Cubs fan.
    I did get a kick out of the 2007 archives where you basically tell how worthless most Cubs were and you put their baseball card with it. hahah

    My Detroit Tigers are in the World Series this week and I wanted to go so bad. But the tickets are $450 for SRO. But now, you inspired me to pull the trigger. The Cubs may never get there. My team is in it. So i won’t complain.

    Good luck.
    Grand Rapids, Mich.

    BTW, i always enjoyed Harry Carry trying to pronounce Alex Ochoa’s name :)

  • NIGHTMARE FUEL OF THE WEEK: Just in time for Halloween, spooky YouTube videos.
  • YOUR AWESOME CLIP OF THE WEEK: If you’re still looking for a Halloween costume and you are amazingly talented, here you go.