What, me worry?

I can’t stand when people say baseball is “boring,” and I equally can’t stand when people answer with “you just don’t understand it.” It’s true. Baseball can be boring. Just like the NFL can be boring (Oh, I’m sorry. Did YOU stay awake for the entire Bears-Jaguars game last weekend?). This baseball ain’t boring. For the first time in history, all four division series have gone to a decisive Game Five. Maybe precisely because the Cubs have been out of it, but I’ve truly enjoyed the last few postseasons (except, of course, for last year’s outcome). There are plenty of cool stories here. Dusty Baker is still a terrible manager, and got to prove it on the big stage! My NL pick Nationals and AL pick Orioles both kept themselves alive in thrilling fashion last night, and today they go up against my least-favorite teams in the postseason! Meaning both of them will lose, and it will be a Yankees-Cardinals World Series, and I will cry myself to sleep tonight. Oh, well.

I hope I appreciate your tips as much as Stephen Strasburg appreciates all that rest he’s getting.

  • Does even Mark DeRosa want to be Mark DeRosa?
  • Can you name baseball’s elite club of 250-game losers? (hint: you probably can’t)
  • Good for A-Rod to support his teammates so openly. Also, the picture they chose was absolutely perfect.
  • Tom Hanks is awesome.
  • If you’re here, you’re probably a geek, and you’ve probably heard of the Humble Bundle. Well, the latest bundle is filled with great sci-fi e-books. Go buy it, and support charities and artists.
  • From the archives of McSweeney’s, Indiana Jones’s tenure is rejected. (via io9)
  • Turns out Firefly taught us quite a bit about contract law.
  • Lost as a point-and-click adventure game.
  • A while ago, I swore off posting any Star Wars links (obligatory “Or anything!” joke), but this article on the (il)literacy of the universe’s characters is pretty awesome.
  • My only regret about not being able to grow a beard is my inability to go as Walter White this Halloween.
  • Fair warning: This might make you cry more than the prospect of the Cardinals winning another World Series. (HT: level5)
  • FEED READ OF THE WEEK: If you’re an obnoxious perfectionist, may this imgur site haunt you forever.