2012 was nominated for an Academy Award in “Present.”

About a week ago, I was discussing the 2012 Cubs with Pre. Why? Who knows? I asked him if he thought the Cubs would lose 100 games, and he said they wouldn’t because the team isn’t memorable enough to lose 100. That made a lot of sense to me. As awful as the 2006 Cubs were, do you remember anything about that year? I remember Juan Pierre starting his Cub career with a triple and then making two thousand outs over the course of the rest of the season. I vaguely remember Matt Murton playing a lot and Derrek Lee dying, or something. Isn’t that when Phil Nevin pouted his way around first base at the end of the season?

I suspect in recollection this year will end up being a lot like 2006. What are the most memorable moments of 2012? Hell what is a SINGLE memorable moment of the 2012 season. Rizzo’s debut? I was there, and I barely remember it. It was against the Mets, right? Darwin Barney set about 40 different errorless records, yet failed to get the ONE memorable one. Every other day the broadcast team seemed to mention that Barney had set some new record. Errorless games by a Cubs second baseman. Errorless games by a second baseman. Errorless games by a National League infielder. Errorless games by an infielder. Errorless games by a guy not named Alfonso Soriano. Errorless games by an MLB player under 5’5″. Errorless games by a guy whose first name is a last name and whose last name is a first name. Oh, the tedium.

But at least I have finally seen a Cubs team reach the century mark in losses. Sadly, the Cubs couldn’t even do something memorable like lose 104 games 104 years after their last championship. At least that would have had some poetry to it. I liked what Jed Hoyer said about the team likely reaching 100 losses. It doesn’t really matter what the number is. What matters is the Cubs are building something here with a front office that won’t settle for anything less than a championship. And that’s something.

So, the epitaph for the 2012 Cubs can be any of the following (or, tweet your own, better ones):

  • Fewer losses than years without championships.
  • Dempster: No longer the longest-tenured Cub anymore.
  • Destroying the souls of the Pittsburgh Pirates since 2011.
  • Bryan LaHair: All-Star. LOL!