Friday Roundup: The “I Missed Two Roundups Catch-Up” Edition 3

Image HT to io9.

A lot of these links are old now. Deal with it. SOMETIMES IRL LIFE INTERVENES WITH MY WEB-SURFING. Anyhow, I’m sorry I missed the Roundup the last two weeks. Fortunately, the years and years of blogging and consistent Roundups has earned me some goodwill. And that goodwill gave me a second chance at doing a Roundup. One might say I earned another chance at a Roundup, because I’m still capable of writing Roundups, no one is going to lose their Roundup-writing job because of my second chance at the Roundup, and I’m not a horrible gimmick. Rest assured, that if I ever lose my ability to write Roundups, some obnoxious filmmaker will probably take it upon himself to turn my struggle to get another chance at writing a Roundup into a publicity stunt. Hey, maybe I’ll even get an internet campaign that appeals to the dumbest meatball parts of the public opinion to get another chance to Roundup.

Maybe not, though. Because life isn’t supposed to work that way. So I hope you don’t get fired from your job just so someone far less qualified can sit in your chair for a day.

Your tips are as appreciated as a three-pitch R.A. Dickey strikeout.

  • “Why would they do this if they’re so horrified?”
    To be fair, they were pretty cool about it until they saw the chunk of Steve Irwin still stuck on its tail.  

  • Andy

    I disagree with “Gone With the Wind” in the great films you’ll only watch once list.  The scene where Bonnie falls off her pony and dies is hysterical, I’ve seen it at least 30 times.