Jeff is the one in the middle.

Shark Week is probably as pointlessly over-hyped as zombies and Betty White, but Jaws absolutely isn’t, and now you can own it on Blu-Ray. As for everything else, our good friend PAUL SULLIVAN asked on his Facebook page recently if anyone was still watching the Cubs. I actually am. Moreso than I have this late in the season since 2008. They’re fun. They’re likable now that Dempster is gone. There’s an actual direction for the team. And Tony Campana doesn’t play for them. What’s not to like?

I appreciate your tips more than a seal appreciates clear water.

  • I get the idiot comment, “Why do you hate Dempster so much?” a lot. Now, I have a clickable link to show them!
  • This person is the best person on the planet.
  • Yes, he had a brief slump at midseason, but Jeff Samardzija has been pretty damn good this year.
  • Though I can’t stand the phrase “F-bomb,” this is a pretty cool story about Cousin Larry Gary Carter popularizing it.
  • Steve Rosenbloom is such a goddamn idiot.
  • I’m going to forget most things WAY before these predictions.
  • Charles Darwin thought like a scientist even when it came to marriage.
  • Now that we’ve had enough rain to necessitate a lawn mowing, save yourself some time this weekend.
  • Wow, Fifty Shades of Grey must be as terrible as I assume.
  • NIGHTMARE FUEL OF THE WEEK: Dick Tracy’s newest enemy is Nail Face?
  • BONUS NIGHTMARE FUEL: Here’s a terrible, terrible sample! “…have someone pour mineral, olive or baby oil into the ear…that should suffocate the insect which hopefully will float out with the oil.” (HT: St. Patrick)
  • YOUR AWESOME CLIP OF THE WEEK: “Baby Got Back” as sung to you by a bunch of movie clips. The “O-Face” guy from Office Space was a sublime choice. (HT: Pre)