Damn you, Smug Steve Stone!

At least that’s how I pronounce it. Theo Epstein’s Organizational Rehabilitation Project continued today with the firing of the Assistant to the Vice President of Player Personnel, Oneri Fleita. Whatever. Theo absolutely should be staffing the organization with his own guys, although he’s going to run out of friends soon if he keeps making them work for the Cubs. What I found interesting this morning, though, was connected to the braying jackass that is Bobby Valentine. Brace yourself for this tidbit, because it came from Barry Rozner’s useless gob.

When Theo was hired last year he commented to someone (Rozner wants us to assume it was him, but I think it’s safe to assume that Theo is far too important to talk to Rozner) that he would still be in Boston if Terry Francona hadn’t been fired. It’s hard to argue against anything Theo has done in Chicago to this point, so I’m considering it a stroke of good fortune that (1) Josh Beckett was a petulant little child, (2) John Lackey was fat, and (3) Carl Crawford woefully under-performed in 2011.

I guess I’m also thankful that the Red Sox hired Valentine instead of Dale Sveum. I don’t mind Sveum, and it’s fun watching Valentine self-destruct in Boston.

Now, to see if Brett Jackson can hit himself into contention for the 2012 strikeout king.