Comic via xkcd, obviously.

If Curiosity’s landing on the moon wasn’t enough to titillate your tits, certainly the return of pre-football season will electrify your nipples. I have but one piece of advice for this Friday: avoid all sports radio. I imagine the meatball threat level is bright red this morning. ‘Cuz ‘dey never shoulda let ‘dat Caleb Hanie kid go!!!

Your tips are as huge to me as Peyton Manning’s head is to everything.

  • I figured this high school bullshit would be over under the new front office.
  • I find the Olympics to be boring, so naturally I find this to be hilarious.
  • Handball, however, is fucking awesome.
  • Not as awesome at the Houston Astros, though. Matt Downs flying through the play FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON is absolutely amazing.
  • Congratulations, to Tyson Homosexual! (HT: EnricoPallazzo)
  • In clearing out my own Muskbox recently, I found a tip from a year and a half ago about our dear departed Ryan Dempster that seemed appropriate. WARNING: It’s a BCB link, so it’s predictably terribly written, poorly thought-out, and generally stupid. (HT: TJ Brown and idigapony)
  • This Nike commercial would have been better if Homer Simpson was chasing him, saying, “C’mere, you butterball!”
  • You got served, me.
  • You’re reading this in the bathroom right now, aren’t you?
  • Mark Twain chillin’.
  • NIGHTMARE FUEL OF THE WEEK: What the fucking fuck?
  • SITE OF THE WEEK: Curiosity has its own Tumblr.
  • YOUR AWESOME CLIP OF THE WEEK: How about the 20 best opening scenes in television?