Friday Roundup: The “Break Up the Cubs!” Edition 5

And break up whatever Steve Trout is on!

So, I usually try to write the Roundup throughout the week as I find interesting things around the interwebs. There are those occasions when I get it done in a timely fashion, and, by Thursday night, it’s ready to post up first thing Friday morning. But on the rare occasions when I feel like I’m ahead of the game, it usually means I forgot to include YOUR tips. I’m the worst blogger ever.

Your tips are as appreciated this week as many of them were last week, when you sent them in. I truly love you all.

  • Tear down Wrigley? No! Tear down CHICAGO!
  • This is the most incredible catch I’ve ever seen.
  • This Cubs season hasn’t been fun to watch, but it’s a damn fine sight to see the team so far down this list.
  • Brewers fans are the fucking worst. (HT: LincolnT)
  • No, wait. Phillies fans are even worse. AND SO TIMELY!
  • Seriously, kill yourselves, those specific Brewers and Phillies fans.
  • Dick Wiggler! (SFW) (HT: betterorworse)
  • I get the meaning behind the insult “You will have a huge asshole,” but it’s still a super-awkward thing to say to a lawyer. (HT: David)
  • I still haven’t seen The Wild Bunch or Rocky. I’m a terrible guy, unless it counts that I’ve seen Back to the Future about 100 times. (HT: St. Patrick)
  • A week after Towel Day, and Douglas Adams talks book history.
  • Speaking of hilarious Brits, here’s John Cleese eulogizing Graham Chapman. (NSFW language via Reddit)
  • YOUR AWESOME OLD MOVIE CLIP OF THE WEEK: Awesome old behind-the-scenes stills of those clips.
  • Frasier Crane

    I would think they should call that a homer because the outfielder completely jumped out of the playing field & into the bullpen behind the fence. Should have at least a foot or something in the playing field.

  • D

    I’ve made a catch similar to that in pony league (over the 1st base foul fence) that was called a foul ball – not an out. If you don’t keep some part of your body in the field of play it’s not an out.

  • I’m not as big on Rocky as most people seem to be, but you should go rent the Wild Bunch, Kerm. It’s not some campy, good guys vs bad guys western. They make Tony Montana look like a pussy who went out with a whimper. That’s actually the only movie I have saved to my DVR.

    • It’s next on my queue, right behind The Magnificent Seven.  I’m in Western mood.  Recently saw Once Upon a Time in the West.  Decent, but slow as hell.

      • Once upon a time is good too, but yeah, it’s a bit long. Same with OUAT in New York. Magnificent Seven is really good too, but I think Wild Bunch is the best western I’ve ever seen.