And break up whatever Steve Trout is on!

So, I usually try to write the Roundup throughout the week as I find interesting things around the interwebs. There are those occasions when I get it done in a timely fashion, and, by Thursday night, it’s ready to post up first thing Friday morning. But on the rare occasions when I feel like I’m ahead of the game, it usually means I forgot to include YOUR tips. I’m the worst blogger ever.

Your tips are as appreciated this week as many of them were last week, when you sent them in. I truly love you all.

  • Tear down Wrigley? No! Tear down CHICAGO!
  • This is the most incredible catch I’ve ever seen.
  • This Cubs season hasn’t been fun to watch, but it’s a damn fine sight to see the team so far down this list.
  • Brewers fans are the fucking worst. (HT: LincolnT)
  • No, wait. Phillies fans are even worse. AND SO TIMELY!
  • Seriously, kill yourselves, those specific Brewers and Phillies fans.
  • Dick Wiggler! (SFW) (HT: betterorworse)
  • I get the meaning behind the insult “You will have a huge asshole,” but it’s still a super-awkward thing to say to a lawyer. (HT: David)
  • I still haven’t seen The Wild Bunch or Rocky. I’m a terrible guy, unless it counts that I’ve seen Back to the Future about 100 times. (HT: St. Patrick)
  • A week after Towel Day, and Douglas Adams talks book history.
  • Speaking of hilarious Brits, here’s John Cleese eulogizing Graham Chapman. (NSFW language via Reddit)
  • YOUR AWESOME OLD MOVIE CLIP OF THE WEEK: Awesome old behind-the-scenes stills of those clips.