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One thing I wanted to mention before this week’s Roundup. I was rushed for time earlier this week when I encouraged the Cubs to suck. I don’t want the Cubs to call up players to salvage the season. That’s idiotic. I totally understand that the Cubs want to avoid running the arbitration clock on these can’t-miss prospects as much as possible (Although, wouldn’t it have been nice to have known a few months earlier that Corey Patterson and Felix Pie sucked?), and I have absolute faith in this front office. I just don’t put as much credence into the mentality that rushing a player ruins them for eternity. If a guy can’t hit, I doubt anyone in this organization is going to be able to teach him how. Plus, I selfishly think it would be fun as hell to watch a bunch of AA and AAA guys running around Wrigley Field. Wait, isn’t that what we’ve been doing for years?

Your tips are as appreciated as Bryan LaHair. WRAP YOUR MIND AROUND THAT.

  • The 10 worst moments in baseball history surprisingly don’t include the Cubs in any way. (HT: level5) Unless you include Sammy Sosa. Also, holy shit, I had no idea that’s what happened to Christy Mathewson.
  • Ryan Theriot’s “incredible baserunning ability” makes me wonder why the Cubs ever let him slip away. (HT: Jim)
  • I hate everything about the Bleed Cubbie Blue, but I’m linking this just so everyone knows what a rabbit-eared dipshit Al Yellon is (skip right to the comments so you don’t go braindead from his “article” writing style). If you wonder why Dolan loathes him so much, it’s because he’s an arrogant, self-important, no-nothing know-it-all. Al is. Not Dolan. Usually.
  • This guy wrote the Prankster’s Bible.
  • Lincoln had the worst bodyguard since- Oh, I don’t know. Let’s just say Kevin Costner.
  • Blondest non-blonde ever? (HT: swaz46)
  • NIGHTMARE FUEL OF THE WEEK: Are vagina flowers NSFW? (HT: saztronic)
  • YOUR AWESOME OLD MOVIE CLIP OF THE WEEK: It took someone on the internet this long to notice that Back to the Future has a pretty creepy plot? That’s the whole reason Disney passed on it. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?