Also, I think the guy in the red shirt is Reed Johnson.


You’re so stupid, Cubs fans. At the end of last week, Mark DeRosa, a man who played fewer than 300 games in a Cub uniform, got a very warm reception in yet another of his returns to Wrigley Field. He was a nice player. He hit .289/.373/.451 with 31 home runs and 159 RBIs as a Cub. He’s an anti-Cub like Reed Johnson. He hit better in Chicago than he did in any other city. Miraculous. He wasn’t part of any memorable Cubs team (unless you count the Cliff Floyd Era). He wasn’t involved in any Cub playoff wins. In fact, some might say that he was squarely in the midst of a pretty annoying playoff loss.

On the other hand, Aramis Ramirez played in 1,124 games as a Cub. He put up a .294/.356/.531 line. He hit 239 home runs and drove in 806 RBIs. I haven’t done the actual math, but 75% of those home runs and RBIs were of the walk-off variety. And he came into Chicago last night and got a smattering of boos.

If you booed Aramis Ramirez at the game last night, kill yourself. Right now. You are too dumb to live.

As far as I can tell, there are only two possible explanations for Mark DeRosa getting cheered at Wrigley Field and Aramis Ramirez getting booed:

  1. Cubs fans are wrongly upset at the way those two players left town. DeRosa was traded at the height of his production, a concept so anti-Cub that people can’t see it for being actually intelligent. Instead of appreciating the fact that the Cubs got valuable players in return for a guy who had no fit on the team going forward, they lit their torches and sharpened their pitchforks. Ramirez, on the other hand, played out his entire contract with the Cubs. He played hard, he improved his defense the entire time in Chicago, and he wasn’t offered a new contract by the Cubs. He was the best player on the Cubs for at least half of his career in the city. He didn’t pull an Albert Pujols (which was also totally okay) by taking more money to go somewhere else. He just went where a contract was offered. This is, apparently, an unforgivable offense in Chicago.
  2. Gordon Wittenmyer is right, and Cubs fans really are racist assholes. Wouldn’t that be a horrible stain on the reputation of the city of Chicago? If Gordon Wittenmyer were actually right about something?