I missed you, too, Giant Noodle.

For all of the things I hate about baseball, I love this morning. Just hours away from the first pitch of the 2012 season (SPOILERS: it’s going to be a ball; get bent, Dempster), everyone except the Mariners, A’s, Cardinals, and Marlins has a clean slate. Dan Patrick is pregnantly pausing all over Comcast SportsNet instead of pre-game coverage. MLB Network is showing Intentional Talk. If you weren’t aware of just how terrible that show actually is, they have a segment called “GOT HEEEEEEEEM!” I’m climbing walls.

I can’t wax poetical about Opening Day, because I’m an emotionless cyborg. But if you haven’t yet read Dolan’s Opening Day piece, you should do it right now. Bring tissues.

The moments before Opening Day still carry the beautiful anticipation of a season not yet ruined with errors, low OBPs, and Darwin Barney. Even though the Cubs are already looking up at the Cardinals, they’re also still undefeated. The 2011 season closed brilliantly, and considering you probably skipped watching the playoffs entirely, you’ve been starved for baseball since. The Cubs haven’t won an Opening Day at Wrigley Field since 1996. They must not care about that streak, since they’re sending Dempster up against Stephen Strasburg. But who cares? Baseball is back.

Despite my excitement, I can’t properly convince myself that the Cubs are going to be very good this year. But they’re going to be on TV in just hours. And that’s going to be a damn fine sight to see.