They should replace it with a picture of a man in the popular garb from the last year they won.

The rooftop building which sports the “EAMUS CATULI” (“Let’s Go, Wolf Cubs!”) sign might look a bit different this season. (HT: Ned Ryerson) A new ownership group bought the building out of bankruptcy in January, and the new owners aren’t interested in counting the years of futility. Though the “EAMUS CATULI” will remain, the numbers marking the years since the Cubs last won the World Series, NL Pennant, and NL Central crown might vanish. I understand the new owner’s comment that, “Someone presented to me that the sign shows futility and perhaps we need to put the past behind us and go forward.” If that “someone” wasn’t Crane Kenney, and that’s the reason for taking down the sign, more power to the new owners. But I hope it stays. That sign is the odometer of my fanhood, and I’ve been waiting for years to watch it roll over to “000000.”

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