Tip o' the Roundup to you!

I like St. Patrick’s Day. My favorite color is green, my favorite escape from reality is beer, and my favorite excuse to pretend to like gingers is that they’re Irish. Except Gordon Wittenmyer. I also like puns. But I hate the combination of puns and St. Patrick’s Day. So, just shut up this weekend, Miller Lite.

Your tips are as appreciated as the knowledge that Smithwick’s is a far better beer than Guinness. COME AT ME, LADS!

  • I heard an interview on WGN this week with Timothy Wilson, the spokesperson for the Irish Anti-Defamation Federation. Wilson was from New Jersey, he was totally hypocritical, and he was, predictably, a total asshole. I had to check out his site. And, yes, it uses Comic Sans. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as much as you want this weekend. Just be safe and make good choices.
  • The moon is watching you masturbate.
  • Piss off?
  • Ants in my pants and my scanner. Not safe for not being itchy.

    ANTS in my scanner > a five years time-lapse! from fran├žois vautier on Vimeo.

  • Aloha, Your Honor!
  • Animals are really all alike. (HT: EnricoPallazzo)
  • YOUR AWESOME OLD MOVIE CLIP OF THE WEEK: The good version of the Star Wars prequels that you’ll never get to see was cut together by a dumbass.