Friday Roundup: The “Happy Birthday, HJE” Edition 7

May the dear lord @#$% you.

Hire Jim Essian turns five years old right…NOW. In five years, HJE has ripped through three managers, two general managers, at least four different people who contacted me thinking I AM Jim Essian, 1,847 posts, one Milton Bradley, and 17,340 comments. Those numbers are as meaningful to me as OBP was to Jim Hendry. But I couldn’t keep slogging through the past five years without you, dear readers. Join me on Memory Lane as I look back at the post that created HJE (thanks to TJ Brown) and the very first post on HJE.

Your tips are as appreciated as cash birthday gifts in non-sequential bills.

  • PenFoe

    5 fucking years.

    What the hell have you been doing with yourself?

    Oh…and thanks, btw.

  • DVXPrime

    Happy Birthday to HJE and kudos for saying on the Internet waht many have been saying for decades: THIS. IS. BULLSHIT!

    Also a tip of the New Era (:-/) Cubs cap for the outstanding research into the Cubs Killers and Worst Cubs Ever lists. And well done on calling out the propaganda that is the Chicago sports media (less 670 The Score) and the Cubs own Public Relations section.

    Curse, hell…over a century of less than MLB talent, led by incompetent managers and guided by even more incompetent ownsership with no vision as how to build a consistent winning baseball franchise.

    In an era where MLB is run by a used car salesman, it’s nice to have an Internet-style underground radio to call out the bullshit and actually be a voice for the fans.

    Great job guys…Go Cubs (I guess?)!

    • Dang, you wrote a better birthday write-up than I did. Thanks!

      • DVXPrime

        No…thank YOU!

  • JerBear50

    Five years old… standard or Dominican?

    • I celebrate 3-4 birthdays a year around here, so I think HJE is actually old enough to vote now.