Congratulations to Ryan's girlfriend!

I haven’t read a single thing about Ryan Braun that wasn’t tweeted, because it’s been a busy week. But, based on what I’m reading, Ryan Braun definitely had herpes, but because some lab technicians were idiots, he’s not going to serve a suspension for it. Lame. If that’s wrong, I’m sure you’ll point it out in a prompt fashion, internet. The bad thing is that we have another summer ahead of us watching the Brewers and Cardinals compete for the NL Central crown. The good thing is that Ryan Braun has herpes. Ha ha!

Your tips are as appreciated as Valtrex.

  • Greg Maddux pitching in 1985. His mound mannerisms never changed. Nor did his sanitary socks. Also, Palmeiro and Villanueva. Awesome. (HT: Jack) BASEBALL IS BACK!
  • Yes, EVERYONE on Grantland needs a fucking editor. (HT: Jim)
  • If you can ignore the pervasive typos (and, if you can’t, why are you HERE?), read the awesome details of Douglas Adams’ posthumous 60th birthday party.
  • See you in hell, productivity. No, I don’t know why an article from 2010 appeared on my feed reader. And, yes, I know there is at least one dead link.
  • Mass Effect 3 comes out next week, and it’s going to be awesome for many reasons.
  • That’s it. I’m going back to college.
  • Speaking of alien video game worlds, I loved Alien 3 on the SNES.
  • NETFLIX STREAMING MOVIE TIP OF THE WEEK: These “of the weeks” are getting more fluid by the day, but watch The Rock-afire Explosion, especially if you loved Showbiz Pizza. It’s good, and it’s only 71 minutes.
  • FEED READ OF THE WEEK: As someone who used to work at the Brookfield Zoo, I love that Zoo Stories was created by a BZ employee.
  • YOUR AWESOME MOVIE CLIP OF THE WEEK: Toronto Batman is close enough.