Friday Roundup: The “Gary the Kid” Edition 2

The white man 'fro.

Gary Carter is dead. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you Cub-killers. Seriously, though, Carter was a great player and the stupid Mets should have retired his number when he was still alive. They’ll probably do it on opening day of this season. Idiots. I’m sick of these post-mortem tributes to great players. Let the guys enjoy their honors while they’re still around to enjoy them.

Your tips are as appreciated as Gary Carter’s Cousin Larry haircut.

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  • DVXPrime

    RIP, Gary Carter. A class act through and through, and arguably the most honorable of the ’86 Mets.

    Having watched very little of the Galactica reboot, I may go pick up the DVD series. Darkness, indeed. Oh, BTW: all the games associated w/Galactica SUCK ASS!!!

    You’re right…Akroyd is a fat fucking idiot. Leave Ghostbusters alone, Dan…find some other way to supplement that ever-so-dwindling residual income.