Picture HT: St. Patrick

Friday Roundup: The “Happy New Year, or Whatever” Edition 1

Picture HT: St. Patrick

And, so, 2011 comes to a close with two more godawful shitty teams winning major sports titles and making us sad to be sports fans. Oh, well. 2012 will certainly be better, as long as the world ends at some point. GO, MAYANS.

Your tips are as appreciated as the end of days.

  • Moon

    I’m sad that “Fight for Your Right (to Party)” didn’t make it. I’M PARTYING RIGHT NOW.

    But did you fight for the right to party? I think not. This is the problem with youth today. You go straight to your partying without making any effort.

    When I was young, we had to endure a long line of paddlers and hecklers just to get the right to party.

    /And I had to walk backwards 2 miles through a 30 below zero blizzard to get to school. True story.