One of the best Cubs of the past decade is apparently now an ex-Cub. (HT: level5) If you were at a Friday afternoon game at Wrigley Field in the past five years, you had about a 50/50 chance of seeing Aramis Ramirez hit a walkoff home run (usually against the Milwaukee Brewers). In his eight and a half seasons in Chicago, Aramis made himself a good defensive third baseman, and he was the most (and sometimes ONLY) professional hitter on the team for a long stretch of time.

Smug know-nothing idiots like Todd Hollandsworth are probably happy that Aramis is gone, because for whatever reason, it became fashionable to call Aramis lazy. But Todd Hollandsworth is a useless fucking turd. Aramis played his ass off in Chicago. He played hurt, he played with absolutely no talent around him, and he played for laughably bad managers with hardly a complaint. I’m going to miss Aramis Ramirez, especially when it takes another thirty years to fill the hole he’ll leave at third base. Good luck, Aramis. I only wish you could have stuck around long enough for a World Series title.