So Begins Another 30-Year Search for a Third Baseman 4


One of the best Cubs of the past decade is apparently now an ex-Cub. (HT: level5) If you were at a Friday afternoon game at Wrigley Field in the past five years, you had about a 50/50 chance of seeing Aramis Ramirez hit a walkoff home run (usually against the Milwaukee Brewers). In his eight and a half seasons in Chicago, Aramis made himself a good defensive third baseman, and he was the most (and sometimes ONLY) professional hitter on the team for a long stretch of time.

Smug know-nothing idiots like Todd Hollandsworth are probably happy that Aramis is gone, because for whatever reason, it became fashionable to call Aramis lazy. But Todd Hollandsworth is a useless fucking turd. Aramis played his ass off in Chicago. He played hurt, he played with absolutely no talent around him, and he played for laughably bad managers with hardly a complaint. I’m going to miss Aramis Ramirez, especially when it takes another thirty years to fill the hole he’ll leave at third base. Good luck, Aramis. I only wish you could have stuck around long enough for a World Series title.

  • Steve H


    I already miss him, too. 126 OPS+ over eight and a half seasons, even with that horrible first-half last year.

    Get ready for another parade of Steve Ontiveroses, Steve Buecheles, Gary Scotts, and Ty Griffins.

  • A-Ram Baller

    Your boy Paul Sullivan was one of his haters as well. It makes no sense to me why the Cubs didn’t even offer some sort of extension to him. It’s a sad time to be a Cubs fan right now. At least in the 90’s the team refused to pay people in general. Now we over paid for Soriano and Big Z but we let the best 3rd baseman in the National League walk and will get a couple draft picks for him in return. Hope Theo fins the next Ellsbury and Pedroia.

  • JackB

    Rami was one of my favorite all time Cubs. I never understood the Aramis hate. Aside from the year he dislocated his shoulder, he was money. And lazy? Fuck that. Aramis wasn’t lazy, he was slow. I think there are a lot of fans out there who love scrappy little douchebags like Ryan Theriot who beat out those close plays at first, or stretch a weak hit into a double. With his bat and glass quads, Aramis doesn’t need to be fast. Guy like him tries to run like a Scrappy Scrapperson they just end up hurt. But them of course, those same dipsticks would complain about him being injured.

    Without Aramis in the lineup, the Cubs are gonna look pretty toothless in 2012, unless Theo works some crazy mojo. Adios, Aramis!

  • jaybandit

    I agree – Aramis has been great. They can say he wasn’t clutch, but you’re only talking about a very small sample size. It isn’t as if he had a lot of post-season opportunities, and the fact that those opportunities were so heavily dependent on how Aramis did shows how the teams didn’t have enough hitting depth.

    I believe there is still a possibility of him coming back if Theo & company want him, but I think they don’t expect to compete next year and don’t see the point in spending the top-end dollars he is going to pull in.