Friday Roundup: The “Day Late, $126M Short” Edition 2

First of all, I’m taking over this Roundup, seeing as how I’m sick of Uncle Mike. And the whole goddamn franchise, for that matter. But that same franchise actually did something proactive today. Jim Hendry is finally out as Cubs GM. After the trade deadline. And the draft. This ownership is so fucking stupid. Randy Bush is going to serve as interim GM. Since we all know how much the Rickettses like conducting interviews, you can go ahead and assume that Randy Bush is going to be the GM in 2012.

Your tips are as appreciated as a Jim Hendry pink slip.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m drafting my cover letter for the Rickettses. Is “creative differences” a legitimate reason to get fired from waiting tables?

  • idigapony

    My hat goes off to Jim. One of the classiest press conferences ever. His problem was never being a bad guy, and he showed professionalism right to the end.

  • JerBear50

    Ahh dammit. Was expecting “Torn Lives” to have a lot more Larry Sanders references, and maybe a story or two about sleeping off hangovers inside a bank.