The Stinx 5

CAN Carlos defeat The Stinx?

After thousands of man hours of work, my first post is up at SB Nation Chicago. I will now be able to resume your regularly-scheduled mediocre posting schedule.

  • Is that the sparkler you brought for Jeff Baker?

  • JerBear50

    The hell is going on here? You and Dolan both posting for SBNC- I assume this means Yellon isn’t running it anymore?

    • I think we’re his peers now, which he has to just LOVE.

      • JerBear50

        I was under the impression that he was actually in charge of the Chicago thing, which is why I generally stayed off of there. I was worried that if I got banned there, it could get me banned from WCG, which I actually enjoy.

        • Well, I sure as hell don’t report to him.