Uncle Mike’s Friday BROWSing: The “Eight is Enough” Edition 5

When life gives you millions...

Well now our tiny little eight-game hiccup is over, we’re ready to right the ship and start beating up on some of the patsies in this league like the- Phillies? Goll durnit.

Your tips are more appreciated than missing Roy Halladay in this series. Wait. We have to face him?


  • Bryce Harper is a colossal douche.
  • I was woefully unaware of the ongoing “battle” between Alec Baldwin and Jim from The Office. Thanks to Baldwin’s comedic brilliance, it’s quite hilarious.
  • We stinks! (HT: St. Patrick) More on that to come, by the way. Kermit’s been working on something stupid all week.
  • Ozzie fined by the NHL. Yes, the NHL.
  • Nailed again! (HT: Ned Ryerson)
  • The Planet of the Apes seriously always freaked me out. Maybe it’s all that damn hair. But Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks pretty awesome. “Can I play the piano anymore?”
  • It really ties the room together.
  • Crystal River is appropriately-named and awesome.
  • This should probably make you sick, if you’re into that sort of thing.

That’s all for me, fans. It’s going to be a long, strange climb back up to relevance in this league, but it will be SO WORTH IT.

-Uncle Mike

  • Santo10

    I went to a triple A game last night where the rosters included Reed Johnson, Jeff Baker, Augie Ojeda and Chad Tracy. I KNOW YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS!!! Also, did no one else see Mark Grace’s DUI?

  • StPatrick
  • July 4th is fast approaching. Ted Lilly is gone, but John Grabow and Jeff Baker are still Cubs. Perhaps they could liven things up a bit by lighting farts with a sparkler instead of a Bic….or perhaps one of them could lie on his stomach and fire a Roman Candle from his bum. Of course, they should not do it in the clubhouse, where the only “fun” activity is the MP3 sound bite of the loud farting contest, which is on-going. Sadly, the loud farting champion is no longer a Cub.

  • Andrew

    Porn stache, mullet, cocky, hits mammoth bombs. I dunno, what’s not to like here?