• Jebus–somehow I think you still didn’t manage to capture half of Milton’s insanity in those pics.

  • Moon

    Man, he was dogging it the other night against the Sox. There were at LEAST two extra base hits that could have been held to singles if he just made a minimal effort. They were booing him mercilessly and he deserved it.

  • JerBear50

    I’d lay good money that he’ll be locked up within two years.

    • summerguy

      Is Hendry fired from the Cubs just in time to lock him up for 3 more years and a no-trade clause with another team?

  • You’d think that with all the money he makes, he could afford the best of mental health care, especially since the teams he was on would foot most of the bill. You would also think that his family, who lives well because of his fat contract, would be able to persuade him to seek help.

    • psychoch

      The problem is that neither he nor his family believe that anything is wrong with Milton. It’s everyone else who’s wrong.

      • summerguy

        You might say that if this were just issues with one or two organizations… but EIGHT organizations ain’t wrong.

  • Jeez, I can’t believe Seattle is so racist as well.