Bad Ticket Sales Lead to Worse Ideas 4

I'm celebrating a Tuesday!

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, get everyone drunk and full of hot dogs so they don’t care. Starting next Tuesday, bleacher attendees to all Cubs Tuesday home games are going to be able to treat themselves to three dollar beers. Moreover, bleacher fans will get free t-shirts during Monday games and one dollar hot dogs during Wednesday games.

Far be it from me to try to understand the Cubs’ marketing department, but aren’t bleacher seats the ONLY ones still selling at a relatively decent rate? Moreover, isn’t there already a tendency for those fans to get blackout-drunk on SEVEN dollar beers? Time to update the 2011 Cubs motto.


For you bleacher-dwellers, at least it’ll cost you half the price to dump a beer on Shane Victorino.

  • Santo10

    Al’s not going to like this one bit

    • That already makes it a better idea.

  • Now they will have clean shirts to change into when they blow chunks on the one they wore to the game.

    • cactusmcharris

      You mean they wear shirts? Ah sorry, that’s the WS fans I was thinking of.