I call this pitch "The Baconator"!

Everyone who has watched Carlos Silva pitch or eat has gotten sick to his stomach. The pitching part continued today, as Silva gave up eight runs in the third inning to the Angels. Presumably, Aramis Ramirez just stood over at third base and laughed his ass off.

For a franchise that didn’t have any qualms about throwing actual, productive players like Sammy Sosa and Mark Grace under the bus, they sure have a way of protecting turds like Silva. Yes, Silva is still on the team, but so was Sosa when the great smear campaign of 2004 was fully underway. Yet there was Mike Quade last week saying how Silva’s idiotic behavior was good for the team. Why? That wasn’t Silva’s competitive nature bursting forth; it was the hem of his pants. If ever there was a player who should be cut immediately based on attitude and performance regardless of money, it’s Milton Bradley. But SECOND is- Well, Todd Hundley. But THIRD is- Maybe Kent Mercker. But FOURTH is arguably Carlos Silva. So why is he still here? This franchise treats its players in the most counter-intuitive, bizarre ways imaginable.

Also, have the Cubs painted themselves into a corner with Silva? Just a couple of months ago, they had too many starting pitchers. Now, they probably CAN’T just cut Silva, because they have too few, even though Silva weighs as much as three healthy starting pitchers combined. I’m just saying, are we now in a position where we’re going to miss Tom Gorzelanny? And then if they cut Silva, are we going to be in a position where we miss all these fat jokes?

And what sort of position is that? Fifth place? SIXTH?