Break Out the Clown Shoes 5

It didn’t take long for Mike Quade to start MAKING SOME WAVES! Today, he named Ryan Dempster the Opening Day starter instead of Carlos Zambrano. It’s news because everyone is waiting to see how well Carlos’ anger management classes REALLY worked. Is he putting on a happy face and wishing Dempster luck while just below the surface of his smile, a tangle of venomous snakes are writhing around? Or does he just remember the last time Dempster got a Game One nod over Zambrano, and he’s laughing in anticipation of a seven-walk disaster?

A better question might be, “Why did Mike Quade feel the need to announce this today?” Far be it from me to pay attention to practice, but as far as I know, Spring Training games haven’t even started. The actual regular season is more than a month away. Hell, this year’s versions of the video game baseball franchises haven’t even been released. If I don’t even know yet who is starting on Opening Day of my virtual Cubs franchise, how can Quade know this early? Has any other manager in baseball shot his load this early?

Is this, perhaps, a new marketing campaign suggested by Crane Kenney, a man more vanilla than the 2011 Cubs promise to be?


  • http://Yahoo Rick

    I think it was to avoid any distraction. Now everyone knows and Z doesn’t have to dwell on it. Of course, Z would never let something like this bother him.

  • Thrillho

    > Has any other manager in baseball shot his load this early?

    Clint Hurdle named Joel Hanrahan the Pirates’ closer last week.

  • StPatrick

    I’m sure it will all end well, so long as past decisions aren’t taken into account when making that prediction.

  • FrankS

    And tomorrow Quade will name his lead-off hitter. Not that it matters because the Cubs don’t have a good lead-off hitter on the roster just like they don’t have an ace to be the opening day starter.

  • Chip Ramsey

    They like to set the rotations early in spring training so they get them used to it early. Even Big Z can do the math (provided he removes his shoes.)