Bruce Bochy, Lou Piniella

Uncle Mike’s Friday BROWSing: The “Giant Surprise” Edition 2

I assume I’m not the only one who found it to be a giant surprise (RIM SHOT) that Lou would be joining the Giants instead of the Yankees. I assumed, with Yankee facilities already located on Lou’s home planet in Tampa, it would be a natural fit. But if there’s one thing Lou likes to do, it’s hold Rothschild’s head in the toilet. But if there’s a SECOND thing he likes to do, it’s make fun of Bruce Bochy’s mustache. Good luck, Lou!

  • Pitching in 1912 was a good way to get yourself more deader!
  • ESoxPNNY just got even less readable. (HT: Pre)
  • Sully is anything but indifferent to defensive indifference. And he’s right.
  • Cubs fans Bill Murray and Eddie Vedder ALMOST make up for John Cusack and Jim Belushi. Almost.
  • Don’t quit your summer job, Brian Wilson. And he REEKS of effort. Chuck Norris jokes are SO 2007. He thinks he’s Zach Galifianakis, and I don’t think he’s aware that he’s not even the cover athlete of Major League Baseball 2K11. And The Dugout agrees.
  • May the Packers never again see the far side of the yellow first-down line.
  • Indiana Jones and the Statutory Rape Temple.
  • Yes, you should swear when you hit your goddamn hand with a fucking hammer.
  • Annoy your co-workers with the sounds of the damned.
  • If you don’t like Weird Al, you are dead to me.
  • Someone made this out of Legos. And I was happy that I successfully unclogged my toilet yesterday.
  • I don’t know if the creator is aware, but Seinfeld DID rule the world during the 1990s.
  • Can we please also make this a rule in the dugout when Listach is around? (HT: David)
  • Tiger Mom! (HT: morpheus)
  • Get on it, SCIENCE!
  • This should save you some time reading Facebook today. (HT: morpheus)
  • I could post seanbaby articles every week, but this one is particularly awesome. (HT: CT)
  • TWEET OF THE WEEK: Rahm has a Twitter feed! (HT: Alex)
  • FEED READ OF THE WEEK: Things ’90s Kids Realize. (HT: Andrew) POGS!

That’s all for me, folks. I don’t care how meatballish it is to openly root against a team. GO STEELERS!
-Uncle Mike

  • OMG! Piniella is 6’2″, and he looks like Gnomeo standing next to Bochy. Bochy must be one huge dude.

  • P.H. Steamer

    Fuck the Yankees. Fuck the Giants. And fuck Brian Wilson’s straight edge, self promoting bullshit.

    And where’s the goddamn Fukkerdome?