Uncle Mike’s Weekly BROWSing: The “We’ll Miss You, Uncle Lou” Edition 3

Wellity, wellity, wellity. Look who’s on your little blog now? Uncle Mike has been reading up on this crap, and things are going to be done a little differently around here. It’s serious time around here. I don’t abide horseplay, rolling, polling, hoopla, and whatnot. This feature is now called Uncle Mike’s Weekly BROWS- oh, now I get it, Kermit. Asshole. Your tips are still welcome here. Let’s have at it, pukes.

I’ll save the rest of your tips for a rainy day. Sorry you lost your precious Lou, but let’s not get too teary-eyed. Fridays are still Fridays, meaning you’re already drunk right now, and you’re likely reading this hungover on a Monday morning. And you have a drinking problem. For God’s sake, look at yourself.

-Uncle Mike

  • First comment. Ha Ha!!

  • Moon

    Go to the Jesus wing at the Art Institute. I LOL all the time at all the Jesus dicks. The artists HAD to be doing it on purpose.

  • Moon

    The following players have been called into a game and hit a pinch-hit home run during their first ever Major League at-bat:

    American League
    Ace Parker Philadelphia 04-30-1937 9th Inning
    John Kennedy Washington 09-05-1962 6th Inning
    Gates Brown Detroit 06-19-1963 5th Inning
    Bill Roman Detroit 09-30-1964 7th Inning
    Brant Alyea Washington 09-12-1965 6th Inning
    Joe Keough Oakland 08-07-1968 8th Inning
    Al Woods Toronto 04-07-1977 5th Inning

    National League
    Eddie Morgan St. Louis 04-14-1936 7th Inning
    Les Layton New York 05-21-1948 9th Inning
    Ted Tappe Cincinnati 09-14-1950 8th Inning
    Chuck Tanner Milwaukee 04-12-1955 8th Inning
    Marlon Anderson Philadelphia 09-08-1998 7th Inning
    Gene Stechschulte St. Louis 04-17-2001 6th Inning
    John Hester Arizona 08-28-2009 6th Inning

    The really odd one is John Kennedy Washington 09-05-1962 6th Inning

    They called the President out of the White House to pinch hit in the 6th inning?? You’d think they would wait until it was a crisis, like the bottom of the 10th.