Uncle Mike’s Weekly BROWSing: The “We’ll Miss You, Uncle Lou” Edition

Wellity, wellity, wellity. Look who’s on your little blog now? Uncle Mike has been reading up on this crap, and things are going to be done a little differently around here. It’s serious time around here. I don’t abide horseplay, rolling, polling, hoopla, and whatnot. This feature is now called Uncle Mike’s Weekly BROWS- oh, now I get it, Kermit. Asshole. Your tips are still welcome here. Let’s have at it, pukes.

I’ll save the rest of your tips for a rainy day. Sorry you lost your precious Lou, but let’s not get too teary-eyed. Fridays are still Fridays, meaning you’re already drunk right now, and you’re likely reading this hungover on a Monday morning. And you have a drinking problem. For God’s sake, look at yourself.

-Uncle Mike

  • First comment. Ha Ha!!

  • Moon

    Go to the Jesus wing at the Art Institute. I LOL all the time at all the Jesus dicks. The artists HAD to be doing it on purpose.

  • Moon

    The following players have been called into a game and hit a pinch-hit home run during their first ever Major League at-bat:

    American League
    Ace Parker Philadelphia 04-30-1937 9th Inning
    John Kennedy Washington 09-05-1962 6th Inning
    Gates Brown Detroit 06-19-1963 5th Inning
    Bill Roman Detroit 09-30-1964 7th Inning
    Brant Alyea Washington 09-12-1965 6th Inning
    Joe Keough Oakland 08-07-1968 8th Inning
    Al Woods Toronto 04-07-1977 5th Inning

    National League
    Eddie Morgan St. Louis 04-14-1936 7th Inning
    Les Layton New York 05-21-1948 9th Inning
    Ted Tappe Cincinnati 09-14-1950 8th Inning
    Chuck Tanner Milwaukee 04-12-1955 8th Inning
    Marlon Anderson Philadelphia 09-08-1998 7th Inning
    Gene Stechschulte St. Louis 04-17-2001 6th Inning
    John Hester Arizona 08-28-2009 6th Inning

    The really odd one is John Kennedy Washington 09-05-1962 6th Inning

    They called the President out of the White House to pinch hit in the 6th inning?? You’d think they would wait until it was a crisis, like the bottom of the 10th.