Sweet Uncle Lou’s Friday Roundup: The “Can We Score More than the U.S. World Cup Team?” Edition 5

Now that some of the Blackhawks hysteria has worn off, it’s time to focus on America’s pastime. THE WORLD CUP! Unless you’d rather be watching Ryan Theriot lead off, you should probably get on the soccer bandwagon. USA! USA! USA! Your blue-blooded American tips can be sent here. Some of those tips end up in Roundups like this one.

Well, it’s time to continue the depantsing of the National League by the American League. This is getting embarrassing, guys. The American League dominance has gotten so bad, I almost rooted for the Mets last night. THE METS!

-Sweet Uncle Lou

  • cactusmcharris

    I haven’t won one major league game as a manager, pitcher or club house towel boy, but I know that if you use your best players in a game your chances of winning improve. But, having said that, I might get deemed a know-it-all, so I won’t say it.

  • Starlin Castrated

    So as it’s Friday and I’m currently wasting some time at work, let’s raise the question I’ve been pondering all week:

    Somehow I’ve convinced my sister to like baseball. I took her to last Sunday’s game and she had a very good time, enjoyed the whole thing, liked cheering against the white sox, etc etc. On the drive home she was asking me a lot of questions about the game (general ones, ie, who are some good players, the HR vs the SB, world series winners, etc) when she asked me the one question that stumped me.

    “what’s the most exciting play ever?”

    How do you answer that? I mean, heck, mays’s catch, aaron’s 715, kirk gibson, rickey henderson, perfect games, hell there’s too many to count. i tried my best to think up some things like that, but as the game is freaking timeless and there’s all sorts of memories (walk off homers by aramis or lee or anyone, walkoff grand slams, perfect games, carlos’s no hitter, it’s like impossible, right!) football it’s easy. you show the play, the catch, walter payton highlights, a lot of the 85 season, the giant snatch, boom, done. but baseball? hell, i got a bajillion years of history here.

    so i figured, as none of us wants to think about this nutpunch of a season, and we’re playing the angels this afternoon (woo, watch me give half a crap), anyone want to start listing moments of awesome for my sister to either read, find on youtube/mlb.com, or have me/my dad tell her the story about?

    think of this as the “as much as the cubs have failed me at any point, baseball is one hell of a game and we should remember that.” anyone who wants to contribute can, and i’ll start it off with carlos’s no hitter. man that was a great night. thanks in advance guys!

  • OK Now that you’re good and bored, here is an update in Jeff baker’s ass. The right cheek is fuzzy like a tennis ball. The left one is smooth, shiny, and dark pink with scar tissue. It was this cheek that got hit by a pitch today, to which Baker attributes his two errors. And stupid Brenley says, “If you have to get hit somewhere, it might as well be there”. Where has he been?

  • TDubbs

    @Starlin Castrated

    How hot is your sister?

  • Originally Posted By Starlin Castrated\

    “what’s the most exciting play ever?”

    How about Bill Wamsgams (sp.?) unassisted triple play in the 1920 World Series?