Presenting, The Cubs’ 2010 Right Fielder 17

YOU'RE DOING A WONDERFUL JOB, AND I RESPECT YOUR OPINIONS!!!If there was one thing that Jim Hendry wanted to accomplish at the Winter Meetings this year, it was to stuff one item from each steam tray in the lunch buffet into his mouth at the same time. If there were two things Jim Hendry wanted to accomplish this year, the first was the buffet thing, but the second was trading Milton Bradley to someone. Anyone. For anything. I’m already on record as saying that Hendry’s decision to suspend Bradley was stupid. If Bradley had one iota of trade value left prior to the suspension, it was gone the minute Jim gave Milton some time off to pick up his son from school in the 1963 version of Montgomery, Alabama.

Now, Jim is more screwed than that steam tray of jumbo shrimp they just brought out. No one wants Milton on their team. Any trade which sounded even remotely appealing is likely off the table at this point. The Rays would rather keep Pat Burrell for a year than have to deal with Milton for two, and I can hardly blame them. Mike Lowell looks to be headed to Texas. Luis Castillo (yes, we’re still amazingly in the APPEALING section of these proposed trades) isn’t likely to be in Chicago next year. Even the pea-brained Omar Minaya knows he might lose his job (and virginity) to FORMER GM OF THE NEW YORK METS, STEVE PHILLIPS if he brought in Milton.

After all reasonable trades fell through, former NFL wide receiver and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown (who really could use some sun) tweeted that the Cubs were talking to the Mariners about Carlos Silva. (HT: Weebs) Let’s hope they were talking about how terrible Silva is, and about how ridiculous the Cubs would be to trade for him. Silva is old, broken, expensive, and terrible. But, apparently that’s what Milton’s equivalent “value” is at this point.

So, what do the Cubs do?

They could take the absolute beating that it will cost them to get rid of Milton. Maybe there is no way he can coexist with Lou Piniella. Maybe, if he was brought back, the fans would ride him so hard next year, that he’d throw the ball into the stands with one out instead of two.

On the other hand, if the alternative is taking on Carlos Silva, shouldn’t the Cubs be talking to Milton right now? Shouldn’t they be trying to smooth things over? Couldn’t they ask him if there is any possibility that he can play 140+ games? Can they assure him that they will protect his fragile psyche from the media? That they’ll put extra security in the right-field bleachers? That they will force his son’s preschool teacher into racial sensitivity classes? From what I understand, no one in the organization has contacted Milton. That could prove to be awkward if Milton is standing out there in right field this February.

If there’s any chance of reconciliation between the Cubs and Milton Bradley, isn’t that a better option than trading him for the equivalent of Carlos Silva?

  • Adam B

    Yup, the board game is indeed our 2010 right fielder.

    Fire Jim Hendry.

  • $antohof

    Ladies and Gentlemen…The true definition of a Lose-Lose situation!

  • Irish Yeti

    If thereís any chance of reconciliation between the Cubs and Milton Bradley, isnít that a better option than trading him for the equivalent of Carlos Silva? trading him for 95% of the dopes that have been suggested.

    Irrational love for Milton’d

  • santo10

    Great we are stuck with this asshole and now we picked up another rule 5 draft pick, he had better not suck as much as Patton did.

  • Derrick

    I know the record really didn’t show it, but the Cubs seemed to play better and seemed loose during the suspension. Maybe I was just seeing things…

  • Can they bring in Jack Haley to sit on the bench with Milton and be his best friend?

    Seriously, this is all up to Milton. If he wants out as badly as the Cubs want him out (and I suspect that he does) he has to know that showing up to Spring Training and pounding the hell out of the ball is his ticket out.

    The problem Hendry is having is that the guy is a world class shit, AND now he’s also not playing well (with the spectre of an impending injury always lurking about). If he starts playing well, teams might be slightly more willing to take a risk. Until then, they are more than happy to offer steaming piles of crap hoping the Cubs act out of desperation.

    But they are apparently hell bent and determined to not bring him to camp, so get ready for the Carlos Silva show.

  • $antohof

    Kermit, do you mean “presenting the cubs 2010 rightfielder?”

  • Irish Yeti

    “But they are apparently hell bent and determined to not bring him to camp, so get ready for the Carlos Silva show. “

    The Mariners already shot this down. Why should we be getting ready for it?

    (and damn this block quote thing for not showing up right.)

  • cp

    I’d add that Lou is going to have to suck it up and meet Bradley more than halfway and that they’re going to have to coexist. I like Lou a hell of a lot more than I like crazy old Milt, but this is a situation where Piniella has to earn his paycheck and deal with a situation that, as far as I can tell, he had a limited role in creating but in which he’s now hip deep.

    As far as the fans riding Bradley goes, I think that may be the easy part. At this point, if Bradley performs at anything resembling most of the rest of his career, the fans will be so relieved they’ll embrace him. And Bradley is happy as long as he’s being cheered.

    Or,that’s my hope. But I’m a cockeyed optimist.

  • @Irish Yeti – I missed that, so get ready for the “Whatever is Equivalent to Carlos Silva or Warm Bucket of Spit Show.”

  • santo10

    Screw it, send him here to Des Moines until he grows up and stops behaving like a douche bag. I don’t care if he’s the most expensive triple A player ever, I think after a month or so he’ll realize that he had it pretty sweet in Chicago.

  • psychoch

    Screw all of it. Ricketts needs to do the unpleasant thing and part with $21 million and say goodbye. Does that perhaps hamstring what the team can do in terms of buying free agents this year? Perhaps, but it didn’t appear that they planned on being major players this year anyway. I don’t think Mike Cameron necessarily qualifies as a big ticket item, and with what they’re saving on Gregg and Harden they can probably still afford him, even with paying Bradley to sit or play elsewhere.

    So if I were Ricketts, I’d tell Hendry: “Release him, but don’t you dare come back to me wanting to sign another headcase to a longterm deal.” As far as sending him to Iowa, I’m not sure he has options left. If he doesn’t, you’d have to put him on waivers, which is in effect like releasing him, which according to Crane Kenney they have 21 million reasons not to do. So don’t look for that to happen Santo.

  • Rich Harden

    @santo10 – Send him through waivers. Just open up the payroll a bit.

  • Schwartzie

    Is there some reason that the team does not assign Milton to a minor league club? If he refused to go he would be in default of his contract. Maybe the move would cause him to direct his agent to arrange a buy-out at a price a heck of a lot less than face value of his current contract. There has to be a problem with this scenario or someone would have thought of it before me.

  • @Schwartzie – I wonder if the players’ union would have a grievance if the Cubs did that. Plus, they probably don’t want to set a precedent of signing guys and then ending their MLB careers.

  • firejimhendry

    @Bad Kermit
    jim hendry over pays for nearly every player he picks up. with the exception of aram and dlee all of the big contracts hendry has issued have been busts. ted lilly has been pretty solid too, but many teams in baseball get similar numbers from kids they bring up from the minors, instead of paying 12 mil per year though they pay 300k. zambrano, soriano, bradley, fukudome, are all performing at a level of an above average prospect straight out of AA ball. last year in a FA pool that had the likes of bobby abreu, adam dunn, and raul ibanez, hendry elected to sign bradley even before those other players were picked up by other teams. is hendry a saboteur, or is he really this bad at managing a payroll in modern baseball? saboteur or stupid? either way he should be canned. jim hendry is clearly holding the cubs back from getting to the next level. FIRE JIM HENDRY!!!